Health & Life Insurance
Types of Policies:

  • Individual Health
  • Individual Dental
  • Individual Life
  • Individual Disability

Coverage Information

Individual Health Insurance

  • PPO (Preferred Provider Option) policies – these policies generally have a doctor’s office copay provision and a calendar year deductible for expenses incurred outside the doctors office. They often include a prescription drug card.
  • H.S.A's (Health Savings Accounts) – these policies provide coverage after you pay the calendar year family deductible. The policy qualifies you to open an H.S.A. account in a bank. Funds deposited into the H.S.A. account are tax deductible for State and Federal income taxes and can be used to pay short and long term medical expenses. Funds in the H.S.A. account are your funds and carry over from year to year until you use them for health expenses.
  • Dental Insurance – Provides full coverage for dental checkups and assist in paying the expenses for necessary dental work.
  • Individual Disability Insurance - provides coverage in the event you can not work because of disability

Individual Life Insurance

  • Term - These policies pay a specified benefit upon your death. They are purchased for a certain number of years (term).
  • Universal Life – these polices are extremely flexible in design but generally offer the insured a death benefit for his entire life and accumulate a cash value which can be withdrawn or borrowed from, if needed.

How to Get a Quote

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